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So far, we haven’t found a company that offers ‘fantastic essays’ for less than ten dollars per page. And yet, Write My Essays presents its $8 per page offer with pride, saying that it will get you a fantastic paper. When a student hears about service as cheap as this, he’s instantly attracted to it. But, there are many more things to learn before you select and order. For example, all the Writemyessays reviews we read gave us a very good insight into how the service works. Most of it does not fit their statement, promises, and offers.

That’s exactly why we went further with this and wrote our Write My Essays review.

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The title suggests only one service with many variations, since essays come in different types. But, the reality about is different. They don’t just deliver or write essays. Interestingly, they’ve decided to put most of their academic writings into a category named ‘essays’. You can hardly say that term papers and dissertations are essays since, after all, an essay is an individual type of academic writing. This is rather confusing but, except for that, the list looks very attractive.

In this list you’ll also find something that almost none of the academic services offer – resumes and cover letters, as well as some other application products. These are usually sold by companies who specialize in it, making it a bit unprofessional and quite an outreach for what’s supposed to be an essay service.

Writemyessays isn’t very popular and we’ve only read a dozen of comments in regard to the resume services. They were all negative, only adding to the doubts we had before we did this Writemyessays review.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

For a company that specializes in job applications as well as academic content, the prices are unexpectedly and incredibly low. In our experience, rates of $8 for a page are always bad news. This is obvious since great writers, the ones needed to write fantastic papers, do not come cheap, not even for the service they work for. A service can’t benefit from such a low rate and work with good writers. So, if the pricing falls as low, it is usually the quality that suffers.

When the rates are this low, you can hardly expect discounts. But, there are discounts here. There isn’t first-order, loyalty, or fixed discounts of any kind. There’s simply a mention of a 5% and 10% bulk discount, without any additional information. If you want to see if you are eligible to one, you have to reach the support team.

Quality Evaluation

Because of the prices that raised so many red flags, evaluating the quality was our priority. So we did – we ordered a term paper to help us review this company. As we suspected and the testimonials told us, the paper was far from fantastic. In fact, it was so far, it contained the most plagiarism we’ve received.

The number of errors wasn’t as big as other such companies have, but seeing how over half of the content was simply pasted from other sites, this was the least of our concerns. It was obvious that their chosen writer wasn’t fluent, experienced, or that he took the time to follow instructions or write a custom paper. In other words, the quality evaluation yielded disastrous results.

Customer Support

Two times we reached the support and two times they disappointed us. They are fast, that’s undisputable. But, they also showed us that there aren’t discounts and didn’t help with the bad outcome. Why? The first time we reached out, an agent told us we aren’t eligible to the bulk discount.

When we asked how many pages we need to order to become eligible, he said he isn’t allowed to discuss this?!

Then, when we spoke to one of the agents about the paper and the unforgivable amount of plagiarism we found, he sent us a false originality report that said the paper was custom-written and fully original. It was the biggest and most frustrating denial and the service did not even bother to offer a revision.

We were left with the plagiarized, big term paper and no discount.


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