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When you first land at CustomEssayMeister, you start reading an explanation of what Meister means. It’s okay that they use a “unique” name that’s practically unreadable, but why do they bother giving us a lesson in German? When a student goes to a writing service, they want to see prices, services, and terms. That’s it. All additional text is distracting.

At this website, we saw a lot of distracting text. When you start reading about the services they provide, you go through a huge chunk of completely irrelevant text that only says “from essays to dissertations.”

Everything looked shady. Unfortunately, our experience with the service proved us right: our first impressions usually don’t lie.

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The list of services is brief, but versatile enough to cover most needs of an average student. It includes essay, research paper, admission papers, coursework, term paper, dissertation, book report, article, grant writing (whatever that means), and a few other services.

The price calculator is problematic, since it doesn’t list the types of services you can get. Although it says “select project type,” you have to type what you need. Then it says “select academic level” but doesn’t give you a list to select from. How do you know what levels they offer? You don’t.

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Oh. My. God.

The price calculator is a complete mess.

It doesn’t allow you to select a project type, since it doesn’t give you a list. Okay. We tried typing “essay,” and the word goes away as soon as we move onto the next field. You can’t choose an academic level and you don’t know what levels they cover. You can set the number of pages, but not the deadline.

Why would they feature a price calculator at the website when it doesn’t work?

We thought this was a temporary situation. However, we kept visiting Custom Essay Meister for an entire month and nothing changed. We had to access the order form to see the prices. The offer six levels: High School, college (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior), and Graduate School. For a deadline of 10 days in the lowest quality, you get a price of $16.95. For the Graduate School level with a deadline of 3 hours, the price is $56.95.

No discounts for first orders! You only get 5%, 7%, and 10% once you accumulate orders valued above $500, $1000, and $2000.

Quality Evaluation

We wanted to give you a factual Custom Essay Meister review, so we ordered an essay with a deadline of six hours. The price was high and we didn’t get a discount. We’re used to paying prices of this level for highly reputable companies. But this one doesn’t fall in that category.

The writer didn’t bother delivering the paper on time. He was two hours late. We requested a refund as soon as we realized he was late, but a customer support agent told us to wait. They still delivered the paper and refused our request for a refund.

The content was poorly written. It was obvious that the writer was in a hurry to rewrite a few paragraphs from Wikipedia and call it an essay. This is NOT what an essay should look like.

Customer Support

The customer support agent was very rude. We requested cancellation of the order, since the writer already violated the deadline. She kept telling us to be patient, without explaining what the problem was. We thought she was telling us to be patient about the refund. But then they delivered the paper and ignored our requests for getting the money back.



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