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It’s hard to find high quality of writing today, not to mention high quality papers at only $6.99 per page. But apparently, that is what promises to deliver. This came as a huge surprise since this is the lowest-priced company we have seen so far, and such cheap companies are never good news.

But, we always give companies a clear shot at a good rating. So, we proceeded by reading some reviews. It left us devastated. This company probably has one of the worst reputations we have seen so far. In our review, you will learn why.

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There is a lot offered on this service’s website. You’ll find the regulars like essay papers and research papers, but also things like cover letters and business plans. It suffices to say that the service decided to step outside of the academic writing world and add some extra services to attract other types of customers, too.

This is not just a service for students, but also for job seekers and professionals. Still, if you are a student looking for papers like dissertations, reports, reviews, assignments, homework, or coursework, you could ask them ‘write paper for me’.

Interestingly, it won’t matter what paper you order – the deadline options will be the same. Even for dissertations and hard papers, the deadlines are 6 hours to 14 days. Prices also don’t differ based on the type of paper. They are only determined by the academic level and the deadline, nothing more.

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Speaking of prices, Write Paper for Me really has low prices. They truly begin at $6.99, which is impressive and scary at the same time. What kind of company can promise the highest quality and charge this little? How do they pay their qualified writers?

The rest of the prices aren’t much higher, either. Even for PhD level, their price can go as low as $18.99 per page. This is what most top-rated companies charge for high school level, not for Doctoral.

Even six-hour deadlines are low-priced. To our surprise, if you order a high school paper in just six hours, you’ll pay $18.99 per page. Once again, this is what most companies with high rating charge to write a high school essay in two weeks or 10 days.

After seeing their prices, we couldn’t imagine finding any discounts. What would those discounts make to these really low rates? And we were right – there aren’t any. In most cases, this is disappointing and can push students away, but with these kinds of rates, we don’t see how the lack of discounts would be a problem.

You pay for the papers upon ordering them. You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and imagine this – Bitcoin!

Quality Evaluation

Quality is disastrous at this service. It was so bad in our case that it didn’t even fit those minimal rates. We don’t see ourselves ever investing in this company again, not even with the prices they charge.


Well, because they delivered a paper in 2 days as we requested, but the paper was 65% copied! There was a single source the writer used to get the content from, and he even had the decency to copy the source’s biography as to make us think that he did research. Of course, a plagiarism scanner immediately found the site.

The paper was a disorganized, poorly written piece. The writer attempted to change some of the content, probably to reduce the plagiarism in it. However, he obviously had really bad English skills because the sentences he wrote made no sense at all. This paper was beyond repair, so we immediately reached out to the support.

Customer Support

We thought that things cannot be worse than what we got from the writer, but wait till you hear about the customer support. As soon as we used the live chat, we realized that it’s a bot, not a real person. We never got to speak to a real person on the live chat because we always received automated answers. Our complaints remained unresolved even when we called the agent on the phone number.

First, no one answered the phone for an entire day. When they finally did the next day, the agent spoke English so bad, he couldn’t even understand us. After 20 minutes of failed attempts to tell him about the plagiarism, we hung up and ended up with that terrible paper we got in the first place.

Based on it all, we couldn’t possibly recommend Write Paper for Me to students. It’s definitely the cheapest you can get, but it is one of the worst you can get, too.


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