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Unemployed Professors have an entirely fresh approach toward the bidding system. The idea is pretty much the same – you add your paper details and wait for bidders. However, instead of freelance writers with different levels of education and fields of study, they only work with professors – and unemployed ones.

There’s even a story behind this website. Apparently, Unemployedprofessors started off as a website where unhappy professors started working to earn money without having to ‘care about his students’. We don’t know about you, but this sounds really bad considering that these are the people you’d be paying to write your papers. Even as writers, they should care about your grades and papers.

Still, it’s a unique story and a bit unrealistic. How many unemployed professors can this service hire to be able to offer all they offer to every student who chooses to order?

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We were really surprised to learn that the company only hires Unemployed Professors. It fits the name, right, but is this really a realistic criterion? Does it mean that other writers aren’t qualified to work for students?

This is why checking the services they offer was the first thing we needed to do for this Unemployed Professors review. We don’t see many people working for this service, in spite of them saying that they have many writers. In fact, when we placed an order, we got over 3 dozens of bids, something that made us doubt if they really follow this criterion for hiring after all.

They don’t limit you when you order services, so their list is as big as it gets. You can ask for anything and wait for bids. No one guarantees you’ll get them, but in our experience, you’ll get quite a lot of them.

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Of course, pricing is also hidden from a site that doesn’t have fixed pricing. In fact, we found the language and illustrations on the website seriously unprofessional and childish. There’s no such information and there’s a lot of silly data that doesn’t really tell you anything about their services.

As for the prices, you’d be happy to know they are low. For people who’re supposed to be actual professors, the rates we got in the form of bid were hilarious. Some professors bid at less than $10 for a page for a 4-day deadline. With those qualifications they said they had, we don’t see why they’d choose to charge so little, or leave their traditional work as a professor in the first place.

Finally, we chose a professor that looked perfect for the paper we needed ready. He bid at $11 for a page which, even without any discounts, was the best we’ve paid in a long time.

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Unfortunately, the unlimited services and great bids were the end of the good things about this company. As soon as the professor sent our paper, we understood that this service is really dishonest about how they hire their writers. The person who did the paper we received could not have had such credentials as we were told. He was supposed to be a PhD, a professor in the psychology field, and a native English speaker.

The person who actually did our paper was not native, which was obvious by the errors in it. He definitely did not have a PhD in psychology because many of the things described in the essay were really basic and he got them wrong. Finally, a professor should know well that plagiarism is forbidden in schools and therefore avoid it at any cost. This writer included 35% of plagiarism in a four-page essay, which was really frustrating.

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The support isn’t much help at all. They are always offline, no matter when you open the website. You can leave them a message, but good luck getting a response. We hadn’t received one for nine days after we sent our complaint. When we finally did, the author of the message politely described that we’re simply not entitled to a revision or a refund.


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