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Everything on the website of is extremely confusing. When they say ‘get your custom sample essay’, they actually mean that you can order a custom essay, so it isn’t really a sample. And, that’s not really their price for all essays, but the cheapest price they offer.

It took us a while to discover all these little curiosities. In the process of reading through the website for this Study Moose review, we also uncovered dozens of mistakes in their website. This is a serious problem seeing how the writers who did the website will do your essays when you order. Still, we decided to let this slide for the moment and continued working on our Studymoose Review.

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The only way to find out this information is if you open the order page or click that statement at the bottom of the page that we mentioned: ‘get your custom sample essay’. Both these will redirect you to the order form where you’ll be asked to provide details about what you need and when you did it. This is also the only way to find out about the prices. Basically, the Study Moose website has all kinds of confusing and irrelevant information on their big website, but they don’t provide the essentials. Strange, isn’t it?

To help you out, we did this for you. Now we can tell you that the service list is solid, but not ideal. It has around two dozen types you can order, but it’s quite okay for a company that isn’t so big or so popular. In fact, when we read about their poor reputation in all the Study Moose reviews, we expected less than this. So, at this point, the company gained some points in our review.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

As soon as we filled the information they requested (it’s very basic, so it doesn’t take a lot of time), we found out why they are so secretive about the prices. It’s kind of a bidding company unless you ask them to find a writer for you for extra $9.99. This is weird since, what’s that extra amount added to?

They have a fixed price if you do this, which you will see when you proceed. When you do, you get a quote that you should pay and you also have to pay extra $9.99 when they assign you a writer in 5 minutes.

However, all this is a scam and if you do this, it will become very obvious. We tried not selecting that option. As soon as the other page showed, we had three bids from writers that were obviously fake names with generic photos. They came within a second, so how is that possible?

Those are the only bids we got, so we basically had to choose between three people and the lowest bid provided us with the exact same price we were asked to pay in the case where the company chooses our writer. It’s definitely a fraudulent feature that should make you believe you have a say in who writes your paper, giving them a chance to earn $9.99 extra.

Because Studymoose claims to be a bidding service, there aren’t discounts either. This is even more frustrating.

Quality Evaluation

All those reviews were accurate –  when it comes to quality, is awful service. They charge too much for papers. We paid $42 for two pages of an essay of their lowest quality, no discount added.

This price is considerably high for a company that has no discounts at all, but the results from it were the worst part of it all. The paper was plagiarized, but the checker on the website said it was 100% original. This is yet another scam we found on the website.

Customer Support

After everything we discovered, we concluded that only the support and the service list are legit on the website. The support responds real fast, but they can’t help you a lot. They didn’t refund us because the website doesn’t have that kind of system, but approved a revision. Unfortunately, the writer delayed that revision for three days and it wasn’t successful, either. So, this is definitely not a service to pay to write your papers.


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