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Premier Essay is a service that works on papers for students who need some help with academic obligations. At first glance, their website looks messy and overcrowded. However, the information on the homepage is really clear and they’ve literally put all the important things there. What bothered us more were the many additional pages with no relevant or useful content that only wasted our time while researching for this Premieressay review.

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The list of services is incredibly long. This is probably the best part of our review because a big list gives customers endless options to order all they need from the same writers. This lets you use their loyalty program and you don’t have to spend time looking for other websites aside from Premieressay when you get assigned a new paper.

Their services come in several categories: academic paper writing, rewriting, math/physics/economics problems, editing, proofreading, copywriting, admission services, dissertation services, multiple choice questions, and even CV and resume services. The last one is the one that surprised us the most. We’ve heard of resume services or academic services, but only a few combine these two entirely different types of service.

This makes the company focused on a wider audience than just students. However, it’s definitely not popular among job seekers because we have found no premier essay reviews that speak of resumes or cv services ordered from this site.

Pricing, Discounts, and Payment Policy

Premier Essay is a cheap service. In a bit over a week, the best price you can pay is $12.99 for a page for an essay. This is a lot less from what we’re used to paying when it comes to the high-rated companies. However, low prices have always meant bad news, at which point we stopped being hopeful about the quality we’ll receive here.

The thing that made our doubts even bigger was the fact that they have discounts, too, and really attractive ones. On top of low prices, customers can use the PRIME20 discount code for an extra 20% discount on their first order. If the prices were attractive at first, they’re raising many red flags at this point.

It doesn’t end here for customers. There aren’t many who speak highly of the writers or present themselves as regular customers, but if you stick around, you can get another 15% discount on all the orders you make on the website. This makes all papers cheaper, including the ones for the highest levels, and even the resume services.

Quality Evaluation

We were right to doubt the writers here because of the prices. We paid a really good price which would make a student happy, but the quality would ruin that happiness right away. A paper that cost us less than $40 for four pages came with more errors than we could possibly count. It was as if the writer did these intentionally. Or, the more realistic explanation would be that his English is not good, not at all.

That wasn’t the only issue we had with it. Our order was for an essay on a psychology topic and it was supposed to contain references and sources. It had none, so the data the writer used in the writing showed as plagiarism. In fact, he didn’t really reference or even change anything, so half of the paper turned up to be copied content. All this is unacceptable, which is why our next move was, of course, to complain about this.

Customer Support

The support’s main job is to keep customers happy and if they have problems, resolve them in a timely manner. But, support at did not resolve our problems and wasn’t even fast at responding. We don’t recommend the live chat since it’s an automated chat, so you won’t be getting real answers there. Call them on the phone – but don’t expect much. We never got a refund and not even a revision.

Because of all this, we don’t see ourselves ordering from Premier Essay ever again. It has come to our understanding that this is not a popular service. In fact, their reputation is really concerning.


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