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As soon as we opened the page, we learned that this isn’t a writing company. Nothing there is misleading, which is an advantage. However, to our big surprise, there are PaperRater reviews that speak of the website as a company that provides paper. This cannot be less accurate.

Paper Rater is, in fact, artificial intelligence software that edits, proofreads, and scans papers for plagiarism. It’s both free and paid, which means that you can choose between limited and more versatile feature list. For this PaperRater review, we checked all their offers, prices, as well as evaluated the quality of their services.

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Three things are offered on this website: plagiarism detection, grammar and spelling checker, and feedback and writing instructions. Apparently, it takes seconds to provide these services since the website is basically AI software. It’s available 24/7 and generates the results for each of these three service types in seconds. You don’t have to login or signup to use the free version, but if you want to use their paid option, you need to create a profile and pay a fee.

We were seriously disappointed to learn that you can’t get any kind of human help on this website. Not only they don’t really count as a writing company, but the services provided are very limited. Moreover, almost every Paper Rater review we found was negative and some of them were obviously fake considering that this is not a writing service at all.

The first two services are very clear, but the third requires more explanation. If you choose this, they’ll flag the spelling and grammar errors, but also check for vocabulary usage, phrases to avoid, sentence variability and length, passive voice, readability statistics, and sentence beginnings analysis.

The free version is extremely limited in terms of this particular service choice. If you want to really use all these features, you’ll have to pay their fee. With the free option, you get 10 plagiarism checks monthly, while the paid one gets you 25. The first only offers grammar and spelling check, writing suggestions and automated scoring. The paid one combines this, plus includes a plagiarism check integrated into proofreader, enhanced plagiarism check with matching text displayed, ad-free feature, file upload, faster processing, and premium-only modules.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

The cost of the paid version is $14.95 per month and $95.40 per year. Paperrater has a long-standing discount of 25% which we obviously doubt is a marketing strategy. With this, the price reduces to $11.21 and $71.55 respectively. Even so, this is still a very steep price for an AI editor and proofreader. Most such proofreaders are free or cheap. At this cost, students can benefit more from websites that offer custom writing help or editing help from actual professionals instead of software.

Quality Evaluation

In Paper Rater reviews, customers say that even the paid service is not detecting most of the mistakes. This is why we decided to buy only a monthly membership to avoid big and unnecessary expenses. It was the right thing to do – the quality check we asked for detected the most obvious mistakes and didn’t even find the passive in our paper. They mention readability statistics and just give a percentage without any explanation. The sentence beginnings analysis is simply automated tips that they send to you no matter what you insert in their system.

Basically, the only thing that works and the thing that you pay a fortune for is the sentence length, which the system just marks and tells you that you need to reduce. You can get this from almost every free AI editor, which makes this investment a completely unnecessary one.

Customer Support

Support is not always available, but you can find them at set hours Monday through Friday. Or, at least that’s what they say. When we tried the phone number provided, no one answered. Since this is software and not a company where employees perform services, it is safe to assume that it’s only someone’s steady income without him having to do any work. Therefore, we definitely don’t recommend it.


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