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PaperNow seems like a relatively affordable service. The list of services is okay, and the website seems informative. On first sight, it’s exactly the type of writing service a student would like to hire. But is it, really?

We searched for some online reviews, and they weren’t impressive. Many customers complain about not getting the quality they expected. Some missed deadlines were also mentioned, as well as plagiarism.

Our reviewing team was excited. Is this service as good as the website claims, or is it as bad as the online reviews claim? We had to test and see. Of course, we ordered a paper, so that we could evaluate all features.

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The list of services is not impressive, but it’s okay. You can order an essay, research paper, and other types of academic projects at the website. In addition, dissertation chapters are available. You can also order a scholarship or application essay, personal statement, and job application documents.
It’s quite a versatile service that caters not only to students, but to job applicants and website owners as well (articles are available, too).

After our experience with, we feel the responsibility to warn you against ordering anything urgent at this website. Although they allow you to set very short deadlines for your order, the team is not able to meet them.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

The prices are reasonable if we expect fine quality. Professional writers usually don’t work for less, and they justify the price per page with the great content they deliver. Here, we see a reasonable price for such professional writing. But are the results worth this price?

The lowest price per page is $11.87. That seems very affordable, but keep in mind that it’s for the deadline of 20 days and High School as quality level. You can set a much lower deadline, up to three hours. Plus, there are four other quality levels: College, Undergraduate, Master, and PhD. If you want PhD level with a deadline of 3 hours, the price will be $44.95 per page. It’s strange that they require the same prices for rewriting. How is rewriting valued the same as writing from scratch? That was the first indicator that something was terribly wrong with the service.

There’s a discount of 15% on the first order. That’s very attractive for new users who want to try the service. Since we were there just to test the team, the discount came as a nice surprise.

Quality Evaluation

To form a full opinion on Paper Now, we decided to order an essay on a topic related to traditional marriage values. We asked the writer to narrow down the theme and choose a very specific topic related to it. He didn’t. He just wrote an essay called Traditional Marriage Values. The essay was too vague and it didn’t have any arguments in it. There wasn’t a thesis statement to distinguish. This wasn’t an essay. It was just a block of useless test.

That’s not even the worst thing. We set the deadline of six hours. Since the service is called Paper Now, meeting the deadline is the least we expected from it. But the writer took twelve hours to deliver the content.

Customer Support

Since we were unhappy with the result, we took the issue to customer support. They are available via live chat, and they were quick to respond to the messages. But they didn’t offer a solution for our problem.

We didn’t get a refund and they said that they couldn’t provide revisions. They said the writer followed instructions and delivered what he was asked for. They promised to launch a partial refund to make up for the missed deadline. Two weeks after that promise, there’s still no refund on our account. is not the most reliable service to order from. There are several issues with the website, and the customer service department doesn’t do much to solve them.


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