Review of is different from other writing services. Instead of assigning an available writer according to the customer’s requirements, this company allows the customers to make their own choice of a writer. This could be a fun experience, and even result in a cheaper price than anywhere on the Web, but it also comes with a variety of disadvantages.

For a company to be able to implement the bidding system well, they need to have the best writers to guarantee quality. In order to see if this is one of the services that can achieve this, we decided to go through their services and create a real essayshark review.

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You can only check the list of services offered in the ordering form, but once you do, you will learn that this list is not complete. We first got the impression that offers a limited range of academic papers, but the company actually has the option ‘other’, which means that they actually offer them all!

This is yet another of the benefits of the bidding system, but also one of the disadvantages. Companies that assign writers set the list of services according to their qualifications and experience, while the bidding system allows for writers to bid on everything they think they can handle. After you get the bids, you have the right to look into these writers’ portfolio and choose one you find to be qualified to handle it.

Even so, there is never a guarantee as to how many writers will bid on your paper. If it is a more complex, lengthy, or less commonly assigned paper, chances are only few will decide they can handle it. Also, there is always the risk of hiring a writer who bid on your order without the qualifications to handle it.

Another good news is that you can place orders within virtually every deadline you want. However, the time necessary to get bids and choose a writer is a very big problem with such companies, since many students do not have the luxury to spend hours waiting for bids and evaluating writers. The worst part is, there is no guarantee this will get you a quality paper or that you will choose a good writer.

Pricings, Discounts & Payment Policy

As you probably assumed, there is no set essayshark price for academic papers. Seeing that customers choose their bidder, you are the only one choosing how much you will spend on the service.

This is clearly an advantage for those with limited budget, but it also raises many concerns. For example, if you do choose essayshark as your regular provider, you will never know how much your next paper will cost.

According to feedback online, this company has a rather low reputation in terms of quality of content, especially from customers who chose the cheapest bids.

As you probably guessed already, there are no discounts available at this company, either.

Quality Evaluation

You could spend hours on checking the website and reading customers’ testimonials, but the best way to check the quality of writing is to actually order from a service. Feedback on the website and online can be fake and biased, which is why we decided to provide you with a full picture as to what you can expect from

We decided to order a research paper from the service, and were positively surprised to learn that the ordering process is very fast and simple. However, bidding took much more than we expected, and we got dozens of bids on a 10-page order. This took an additional hour to look into the bidders’ portfolios, after which we realized that most of the bidders aren’t even qualified for the task.

Even though we spent this much time on choosing the writer, we still got low quality paper. For the price we paid, we expected at least a formatted and proofread research paper. Instead, we got a term paper with over 20 mistakes, written in poor English, and not formatted at all.

Customer Support

When we got the low quality paper, we decided to get in touch with the customer support. This should have pointed out to the guarantees this company provides, as well as give us an idea of their revision and refund policy.

As it turns out, the company has a Support section for members online, and an e-mail address for the rest. But, despite the fact that they claim to have created a 24/7 support system for existing customers, we did not get a reply the first two times we tried to get in touch with their agents.

The third time when we actually did, the agent accepted our request for a free revision, and contacted the writer immediately. Still, we are not satisfied with the support of


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Stay Away From Essayshark.Com

This company may be the cheapest, but it is also the worst I have ever tried. Their writer's name could not have possibly be John, since this person was not even a native English speaker. They lie about the writers' qualifications and the quality they provide.
- Maynard Oscar

Paper I got here was the worst I've seen

When I first saw this company's website, I thought 'well, this sounds like a cheap and good company'. Now I know I should not trust everything I see. The paper I got here was the worst I have seen, and the customer service agents weren't willing to do anything to fix the problem. After two revisions, I had to ask for a refund to be able to buy the paper from another company. But of course, they didn't give me one.
- Tomeka Tudor

I needed someone to help me, not fail!

I had to edit and proofread the essay I got from them for two days, and I still wasn’t sure if it was okay. Luckily I had a coupon, so it wasn’t such a waste, but I am never going to order from them, ever again.
- Carrie O.

The Quality Is Not High Enough

This is probably not going the most pleasant Essayshark review, but I am honestly so sad. They have such a good rep, and they did a terrible job on my paper. I could have gotten a bad grade and jeopardized my entire scholarship!
- Pete S

This Is Just Too Expensive!

Even with a discount code, I think this is too much for an essay or any kind of paper. I am a student and I have a lot of bills to pay. This is unfortunately so expensive.
- Phil G.

Bad Service, Poor Support

Essayshark reviews stated that the site had easy to use discount codes but this was not the case for me when I used this site. This site is not advisable for rush projects. The writers were always requesting for extensions for revisions. I wonder why an “experienced” writer can produce low quality product. I just used a coupon for their service, but I will not be asking for assignment help from them again in the future.
- Olivia

I Ended Up With A Disappointing Essay

I was applying for a scholarship program and I needed an exceptional essay for this. I explained this to the but it seemed that they did not understand the instructions I gave them. I ended up with a disappointing essay and ended up redoing the whole thing again. The Essayshark reviews on the site were not reliable at all. I should have researched more before hiring their help.
- Jayden A.

Research Proposal

I was applying for LLM program admission and I needed an exceptional research proposal for this. I explained this to the and writer on several times, even though I sent an example but it seemed that they did not understand the instructions I gave them. I ended up with a disappointing essay and ended up redoing the whole thing again with the new company. I missed the deadline too. The writer name was Boldgeek and Then they won't refund your money even they did not deliver the paper on time and the paper you expect, terrible service. Go for other companies
- Sultana Akhter