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‘Academic writing within your means’ – that’s what Essayschief speaks of when they present their service. But, EssaysChief reviews have taught us that this service isn’t cheap. They hide their rates well, but when you see them, they aren’t half as attractive as that statement shows.

This was the smallest of the concerns we had while we were writing this Essays Chief review. Most of the few who chose to order and reviewed the service on the wide web shared the same, bad opinion about it. Before we began our research, we hadn’t seen a single Essayschief review that spoke only good things about them. Naturally, we decided to explore the reasons for this. Here they are.

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The list they have is very disorganized, but lengthy. However, it lacks some very important items. In terms of essays, something that’s included in the name Essays Chief, they offer only a few. For a while there, we weren’t sure if the list is an actual list or just some papers thrown on a page with a general content when you click on the name. But then, we learned that this is an actual list, which makes their essay types choice very, very limited.

Interestingly, their ‘more services’ category has more unique, less commonly ordered and offered assignments like presentations, projects, and speeches. This one is much lengthier than the essay list, even though essays are contained in their name.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

You have to add all paper details to see the quote, but this takes only a little time and is rather simple to use in this sense. Once you do, you’ll realize that it isn’t as cheap as you’d think. In fact, it’s one of the higher priced companies, despite its very low reputation.

An essay for high school and a week’s deadline costs over $17 for a page. The only discount that applies to first orders is 5%, which is actually the lowest we’ve seen at this point. Only few dare order such a low discount, and this service is one of them.

The other discounts they offer you are loyalty discounts – 5% off for over 15 pages, 10% off for over 50 pages, and 15% off for over 100 pages. This is the most common loyalty offer we come across every day, but it’s a good one and would definitely make their prices more appealing.

Unfortunately, not many seem to return to the service to enjoy these discounts. The next point in this review will tell you why.

Quality Evaluation

The quality is the grandest issue here and the reason why the company had such a bad reputation when we researched it. They deliver on time and charge the quote in the calculator, but we weren’t given that 5% discount after all. We complained about this, but the support did not do anything to amend this.
Because of the quality, this was the least of our many, many concerns. First, we had our doubts about the deadline because we couldn’t reach them for days. When we received it before the deadline ended, we were relieved, but then we checked the essay.

For an essay company, they deliver disastrous essay content. Their essays are far from mistake-free and even contain plagiarism, not to mention that the writer did not follow any of the formatting requests we sent making our order.

Customer Support

The support was the final straw in our evaluation. It’s basically non-existent. The live chat is led by bots, so don’t expect any real answers when you use it. Whenever we used it, whether it was for the order information or to complain about it, the bot kept sending pre-written answers that were too vague and general to answer anything.

For example, when we asked about the order progress, we got an instant message that said that they deliver on time and meet the shortest deadlines. When we reached out about the paper’s quality and the missed requirements in the order, we received some general answers, one of them about the discounts the service offers! It was very frustrating and took a lot of our valuable time. In the end, we were left with that paper and no help from the service.


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