Review of is an academic writing service created by two people back in 2009. Or at least, that’s what you’ll read in their About page. However, we could only find My Paper Writer reviews that date back a couple of years. At this point, we aren’t really certain about their story for slow, but safe growth.

Even so, there are things that are more important than this when it comes to our My Paper Writer review. As a customer, you’re probably thinking about quality and prices, both of which are discussed below. Let’s see how well MyPaperWriter performed when we ordered from them.

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Unless you provide your personal information and sign up, you can’t see what the full list of services is. There’s some information about essays and dissertations, but nothing more than this.

We did this an ordered from My Paper Writer to see what their service list is like. Once we did, we found a really limited list with only a few options. This was a bad start, but judging by their story about how they started off as a minor service, it might be the best decision. Offering only what your writers can create well is better than creating huge lists and delivering poor quality.

Pricing, Discounts, and Payment Policy

No one can learn how much paper costs here just by checking their pages. It takes a while to get this basic information. You have to sign up, provide the paper details, and wait for an actual quote.
They just share the initial pricing for writing, editing, and proofreading. Writing begins at $17.55 per page. Editing starts at $11.70. And finally, proofreading starts at $9.96 per page.

But, this doesn’t really tell you anything. The company hides what these prices are for, so you can’t really know what your paper will cost unless you get in touch with them and fill in their forms.

It would be strange if a company without prices has discounts. But, we’re still upset for not finding anything about discounts on the website. It seems that the service determines each quote individually, so you will not even know if they give you a discount unless they tell you.

We spoke to the support about these issues. Keep reading to find out what they told us.

Quality Evaluation

The quality evaluation of went badly. They gave us a much bigger quote than we expected, even though our deadline was far away and our academic level was only college.

Still, we went for it without complaining about the lack of discounts or pricelist. For a price that exceeded $25 per page, we expected really good content. That’s not what we received. The quality provided by the writer who works here is nothing like described on the website.
It wasn’t good enough to get a college student a high grade. It had mistakes, some plagiarism, and wasn’t fitted to the instructions we sent. It was as if the writer didn’t bother to read the instructions – at all.

Customer Support

As we said, we spoke to the support about the prices and discounts. But, they kept sending us automated answers. The bot that we were obviously ‘communicating’ with kept sending the same answer. We were told to place our order and wait for the best price they can give us. When we asked about the discounts, we were told, once again, that we’ll get the best price available.

So, no one answered any of our questions. And, when we complained about the quality after we received the order, they didn’t even take the time to respond to our messages. In fact, there wasn’t anyone there to respond, and the bot wasn’t really prepared to reply to such messages.

In the sense that they deliver papers in return for money, is legit. But, they aren’t really good at writing and are really secretive about the most essential things. It not only takes a while to get a quote, but there’s not really a support service there, either.


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